“We went through so many therapists and clinics before we found the most caring, dedicated, knowledgeable therapists at TruRhythm. The therapists treat us like we are family and have helped our grandson in so many ways! We are very blessed and thankful!”
-Mr. and Mrs. Starks
(grandparents of child with developmental and behavioral challenges)

Improve Your Child's Learning, Focusing

and Behavior

TruRhythm Therapy for Kids offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Educational Therapy and Nutritional Services for children ranging from birth to age 21. Our specialized therapists, in collaboration with parents, teachers and caregivers, will evaluate your child's strengths and weaknesses and set goals based on your input and our thorough evaluation. TruRhythm Therapy For kids provides therapeutic and educational services that are unique in all of Texas! We are the only location that offers these services under on e roof! We believe the typical cookie-cutter clinical therapy does not always cover the child's real struggles in the home, classroom and/or daycare. We love to include your child's team of supporters, including parents, grandparents, siblings caregivers, teachers and daycare providers, in the therapeutic process. We truly are here to help your child be more successful. We've found that one of the best ways we can do this is by educating and showing others how to incorporate our Revolutionary Neural Integration Techniques into your child's everyday life for quicker more successful outcomes!

Even if you have tried other treatments and therapies, our treatment is proven to be the MOST effective for children challenged with:

 Speech Delay
 Learning Challenges
Developmental Delays
 Sensory Processing Disorder
Social/ Emotional Immaturity

Behavior Challenges
Developmental Delays 
Gross & Fine Motor Delays
 Auditory Processing Disorders
 Dysgraphia (poor handwriting)
 Executive Functioning Disorder
 Dyspraxia/Motor Planning Challenges

Benefits of Our Specialized Programs:
1. Increase focus
2. Increase learning
3. Improve happiness
4. Improve coordination
5. Improve social skills
Decrease hyperactivity
7. Improve sel
8. Improve proble
m solving
9. Improve communication skills
Decrease fears and anxieties
11. Improve academic achievement
12. Improve behaviors in the home/classroom
13. Improve relationships with teachers

occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and nutrition for kids, austin, TX

Pediatric Therapy In Texas is Being Redefined!

Your initial visit can fill your child's future with renewed hope. In addition to working with your child, we will also provide you with the education and tools you need to personally help your child succeed.

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, educational therapy and nutrition for kids in Texas are not the same everywhere you go. Our TruRhythm Therapy for Kids team is caring, compassionate and we are highly skilled at what we do. You will find that many of our programs are not offered by other therapy services in Texas. View our services page for child therapy programs. Our therapists have extensive training in alternative and holistic programs and as well. When appropriate, therapists incorporate this knowledge to help children excel in their therapeutic programs. If you are looking to improve your child's quality of life, we guarantee you will find some of the best therapists at TruRhythm Therapy For Kids. We truly are experts in child development. Call today and get a free screening to determine if we are the right direction for your family and child.



Patient Testimonials
"Adyana is so knowledgeable about so many areas! She is definitely an expert in brain development, behaviors and focusing. We have learned so much from her. The best thing is that our son's teacher has noticed a HUGE improvement in the classroom too!"

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